Issue: We do receive frequent tickets where the user( Mostly non-Admin user) is unable to see Lead data in either one/few of the Smart View tabs that are assigned to him/her. Example scenario:

In the Admin Login, the Smart View tab was showing this condition set-up:

However, for one odd user, it was showing the condition as:


1. Saving the Smart View again:

  • From the Admin login( the Admin who has must have created that particular Smart View), navigate to the respective Smart View settings--> click on Edit under Actions-->Save the Smart View again.
  • The user then needs to Log out and log in again OR Clear the browser cache and cookies once the Admin makes the changes.


2. If the above does not help, the Admin would have to reassign the Smart View to the user by following Step#1--> Step#2

Note: It is important to check the Replace option as it will replace the User's applied Smart View tabs at that point of time with the one you select here.