The objective of this article is to create a umbrella structure library for Support Engineers where they can find complete information about established issues and there solutions with reference tickets.

The next section of this article will enlist various probable issues in regards with FB Lead Ad connector:

01. Facebook Lead ad connector Installation/configuration:

Customer doesn't know that how they can bag Leads from Facebook ad by using FB Lead Ad connector.

Relevant Solution Articles:


Freshdesk ticket reference: 

02.Facebook Leads stopped in flowing into LeadSquared

Customer used to receive Leads from FB into LeadSquared however it stopped all of a sudden. This can happen due to either FB password                   change or FB changes the session for security reasons. You will see following error in API response from FB's end:

{"error":{"message":"Error validating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.","type":"OAuthException","code":190,"error_subcode":460,"fbtrace_id":"F2W8aE+TaxF"}}

Solution: Re-configure the FB Lead connector and re-map the form.

Reference ticket: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/tickets/114024

03.Change the FB account associated with Leads connector App

Solution: User will have to remove the configuration from FB login of the currently connected user account.

               Go to Settings > Business Integrations - There you'd find LeadSquared App > Select the app and click remove.

Reference Ticket: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/tickets/113797

04. How to check the form mapping for any new form


    a.) First, in Leadsquared-check if the FB lead ads connector shows the page mapping and form mappings are properly done.

    b.) Now, to check lead capture, go to https://developers.facebook.com/ -> More -> Tools -> Lead Ads RTU Debug Tool.

    c.)Select the Page and the form and then Click on "Delete" to delete any previously submitted lead.

    d.)Click on "Preview Form" ( Not Create), enter the details required and Submit. Click on "Track status". This will give you the status of the request with a        response message. This message contains the error that is being faced.

    e.) In case it shows a success message (Code 200), go check if the lead was captured on LeadSquared. The Error 699 is Facebook's internal error and has         nothing to do with Lead Capture. It can be ignored.

    f.) Collect the error code and report it to us for Facebook lead ads, should you face any other issues.

Reference Ticket: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/tickets/111864

05. Leads are missed to be captured in LeadSquared however mapping is in place.

The issue is related to missing Facebook permission issue. The user who has configured the app in LeadSquared does not have complete permission in Facebook due to which leads are not getting captured in LeadSquared.

Reference Ticket: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/tickets/111143

Solution Article: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/solutions/articles/3000078592

06. Leads having special character in Lead form fields


As the API cannot interpret or parse the special character present in lead field, API ignores the value entered in such field and fails to post only the particular value into LeadSquared. Its recommended to have custom question/lead field without a special character.

07. Date Field in Facebook Lead ads connector

Solution Article: https://support.leadsquared.com/a/solutions/articles/3000075531

                                                            Important points to keep in mind while working on Facebook Lead ad connector cases:

1. If the leads are coming from a form that is mapped, the source defined in the form will be captured.

2. If the leads are coming from a form that is not mapped, the source defined in the Facebook Page will be captured.

3. When a particular LeadSquared account does not have sufficient API call limit (Min 5 API call/ 5 sec is required), one would face capturing leads from Facebook lead ads or come across the above issue while integrating Facebook lead ads with LeadSquared.