As discussed I have aligned a process around the ask from Nilesh. Please find the below details:

  1. Make sure all support tickets are raised from Id’s - & ONLY.
  2. CC list will include:, .
  3. Tag Applied - sales_pickup_cx_issues on all such raised Freshdesk tickets.
  4. Round Robin Distribution will happen within support - since these are majorly non TAM and lesser MRR accounts.
  5. Reports can be pulled easily since we are associating a unique tag for all such raised cases from Geetika.
  6. Customers won’t be looped in these tickets – support will take a call if they need to reach out to customer or not (we will try to keep customers involvement at the minimal).

In order to start with investigation & suggest the suitable resolution promptly, support would need following relevant information beforehand (i.e in the support ticket):

Name, OrgID and Contact number of the Customer.
Support Access/User Login credentials (In case of Mobile App issues) for 72 business hours.
Description of Issue (with screenshots).
Affected Lead details.
Name of the affected Automation/Distribution-Rule/Webhook(whichever applicable).
Admin Account Credentials (Super receptionist, Zapier, Ozonetel)(Whichever applicable).
Latest Mobile App Logs (In case of Mobile App Issues).

Reach out to me for any questions.

Kick-Off Date - 7th Jan'19.