Use Case:

When we change the lead owner for any lead, the task owners for the associated tasks do not automatically change.
This causes a level of difficulty when the lead owners have been updated in bulk but the tasks still lie with the old owners.

These are the steps to be followed to update the task owners to the current lead owners in bulk.


  1. We have to create a custom webhook which can be triggered to bulk update the task owners as per the lead owners.
  2. The webhook needs to be created for "Lead Field Value Change" and integrated with LeadSquared.
    This webhook should take the value for the current lead owner and update the task owner accordingly when it is triggered.
  3. It should get triggered when a lead field value changes from No to Yes. You will have to create a lead field on LeadSquared for the same. Preferably a boolean or a checkbox.
  4. Please refer to this article for webhook creation and integration:

After the integration, follow the below steps to configure it:

  1.  Create a custom Lead Field on LeadSquared named "Task Owner Update"(The name is optional).
    To do so, just go to Settings -> Customization -> Lead Fields -> Create.
    Enter the Display Name: Task Owner Update.
    Include Field in Section: Hidden Fields
    Data input type: Boolean
    uncheck all the checkboxes under Lead Field Properties.

  2. Now, we have to add this to the Lead Properties Lead Form.
    To do this, go to Settings -> Customization -> Select Lead vCard under Select form to edit.
    From the hidden fields box, just drag "Task Owner Update" to the Lead Properties box.

  3. This field will show up under the Lead Properties form under the blue vCard a lead is opened.

    The value of this checkbox can be edited by just clicking on the edit button as shown in the screenshot above.

  4. Now, the webhook needs to be configured.
    To do the same, just go to Settings -> API & Webhooks -> Webhooks -> Create.
    Set the Event to "Lead Field Value Change" and select "Task Owner Update" under Lead Field.
    Set the webhook URL to the URL to which the data should be posted.

  5. This will configure the webhook.

    To bulk update the leads as required, just go to Manage Leads -> Advanced search and set the criteria as "Lead Owner is <Current Lead Owner>" and "Task is Any Task Type Owner <Previous Lead Owner>.
    Please ensure "All Criteria" is selected under "Find all leads that match" and hit Find Leads.

  6. Once the list of leads appears, just select all the leads and go to "Actions" which you will find on the top right corner.
    Under "Actions", select "Bulk Update".
    In the pop-up that appears, set the Lead Field to "Task Owner Update" and check the checkbox.
    This should update the Task Owner to the Current Lead Owner.

This should change all the task owners to the present lead owners.