1. Starting December 1, all customers using our default SMS service will be billed for all ‘sent messages’. The delivery report from our SMS provider is erratic and unreliable. So we have no choice but to bill for all sent messages irrespective of delivery. This change now reflects in SMS bill report.
  1. Please encourage customers to use their own account.
    Our focus henceforth will be to ask customers to “bring their own account”. We will not charge anything in this BYOA mode. As a first step, we now have added Gupshup BYOA in the SMS App. Please note the separate credentials for promotional and transactional. They could be same too, depending on what the customer’s agreement with Gupshup is.
  • Customers in the implementation stage as of now – they can directly contact Niranjan@gupshup.io , using LeadSquared’s reference and procure their account. They may copy Prashant or me, if any follow-up or assistance is required. Two key things they need to discuss with Gupshup – one is getting their choice of Sender ID, and second is to ensure they don’t have any restrictions on SMS content. By default all SMS providers ‘restrict’ SMS content for transactional messages.
  • We will add more tier-1 providers in India soon. Do let me know if you think we should add a BYOA SMS provider who is talked about in multiple customer or prospect accounts.