Freshdesk ticket:

Scenario Description:

If a customer has a large product line and they want to Manage sales activities on the basis of products.
For example:

If they have products like:
01. Headsets
     a.) Sennheiser
        1.) Model M1
        2.) Model M2

     b.) Beats audio
        1.) Model SX
        2.) Model SBA

     c.) Bose
       1.) Model BS
       2.) Model BS-II

02. IP PBX
03. Power Banks

So on a logical level, if sales user selects product=Headsets then they should only get the options to categorize it further for example: Sennheiser and then model number however in the current setup, all relevant and irrelevant fields will be available in spite of product hierarchy.

This is a feature enhancement request and needs to be addressed.