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Issue Description:

Exotel Connector - 

In the Outbound Call Activity, Call duration says 0 seconds even though Call recording URL is present

Exotel team says in the Call ReferenceID we shared, no passthru was being used.

Here is Soumyadeep's (Telephony Connectors Module Owner) response:

This is a known issue.

Exotel does not call our CallLog API during an outbound call, rather we pass a CallBack url when an outbound call is placed. When the call is over, we receive a call to this CallBack url, which also posts the CallSessionId. We pull the information from Exotel system using the posted CallSessionId. We use the API: https://<sid>:<apiKey><sid>/Calls/<callSid>. However, at this point, Exotel system returns the call duration 0.

We had discussed this earlier also with the team at Exotel. Their suggestion at the time was to wait for 5 minutes before we pull the Call Details from their system. That was not feasible in our architecture.

If Exotel starts calling our Call Log api after an Outbound call, we should be able to address this situation.

“”IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the parameters of the call (like Duration, Price, EndTime etc.) are updated asynchronously after the call ends. So it might take some time after the call ends (~ 5 mins on an average) for these parameters to be populated correctly. “”


Thanks to @Clement Rakesh for pointing this out.

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