Use Case:

We get numerous tickets regarding leads not getting captured from Facebook Lead ads.
The following are the steps to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.


  1. First, check if the connector is installed and the page mapping and form mapping are properly done.
  2. Also check if the correct admin account is connected for the connector and all the required permissions are given.
  3. Now, to check lead capture, go to -> More -> Tools -> Lead Ads RTU Debug Tool.

  4. Make sure the user is logged in via the correct lead ads account.
  5. Select the Page and the form and then Click on "Delete" to delete any previously submitted lead.
  6. Click on "Preview Form" ( Not Create), enter the details required and submit.

  7. Click on "Track status".
    This will give you the status of the request with a response message.
    this message contains the error that is being faced.

  8. In case it shows a success message (Code 200), go check if the lead was captured on LeadSquared.
  9. The Error 699 is Facebook's internal error and has nothing to do with Lead Capture. It can be ignored.
  10. Collect the error code and report it to the tech team for Facebook lead ads.