Use Case:

I came across an issue where the admin claimed that the smart view columns he had set was not reflecting for one of his sales user.
These are the checkpoints if you come across the issue:

  1. The smart view columns are user specific and the sales user can select their own columns but by default the columns selected by the admin should be visible to the user.
  2. If the admin has not set any columns, the default columns will be visible.
  3. So, first check if the columns were changed in the user login by the user.
  4. Otherwise, check if the smart views were correctly assigned.

Correct steps for Smart View assignment:

  1. Create the smart view.
  2. Create the custom tabs and set the filters.
  3. Set the columns for each tab.
  4. Save the changes tabwise.
  5. Save the smart view.

In case, the admin has assigned the smart view to the user and wants to make some changes, make sure the changes are saved tabwise.