Use Case:

Sometimes users want to add activity fields to SMS templates but only lead fields can be added to the templates.
Thus, to add activity fields, we have to follow this workaround.


  1. First, create a lead field by going to Settings -> Customization -> Lead Fields -> Create.
    Make sure the lead field properties matches those of the activity field.

    For example, here I have created a lead field named "Doctor's Name" which matches an activity field "Doctor Name" for the activity "
    Automated Request Appointment

  2. Then create an automation with trigger "New activity on lead" ans select the required activity.
    This should be the activity with the required activity field.

    For example, I set the trigger activity as "Automated Request Appointment" for my automation:

  3. After the trigger, set a "Lead Update" card where you update the value of the lead field with the mail merge value of the activity field.

    Here, I set the value for lead field "Doctors Name" to the activity field "Doctor Name" by using the mail merge tags:

  4. Thus, now the value is stored in a lead field and can be easily added to the SMS templates.

    For example, I created an SMS template with "Doctors Name" in the body: