Use Case:

Sometimes while troubleshooting issues like agent pop-up, specific options not visible in UI etc, we need to obtain browser logs from the user.

Below are the steps to record and obtain browser logs for Google Chrome:


1.First open Chrome, log into LeadSquared and press F12. You will get the following dock:

2.Go to network Tab and check “Preserve Log”.

3.Go to Console Tab.

4. Undock the Dev Console. Click on the hamburger menu on right, and select the highlighted option.

5.Now the dev console will be a separate window, which can be minimized and all the logs are captured on the backend.

6.At the end of the day, go to this separate window (make sure you are still on the console tab) right click on the empty space and select “Save As”.

7.The logs will be saved onto a location on the users computer which can be sent across to us for further examination.