Agenda: The article covers all the checkpoints/information a support engineer must collect before suggesting a resolution to user OR reporting the issue mobile development team.

Issues reported:
Mobile app issues aren't generally very straightforward or sometimes can be user specific hence it is recommended that Support Engineer ensures that all relevant information is collected before reaching out to mobile developers. Following are the examples of some scenarios:

01. Inbound/Outbound call OR any activity is not posted.
02. User unable to access the Leads.
03. Inbound call has been posted as Outbound or vice-versa.
04. Adding activities via Mobile App..... and many more.

Information to be collected/Info to be ensured:

01. App version being used.
02. All relevant permissions have been given to android app. (Screen shot-1, Screen shot-2, Screen shot-3 and Screen shot-4.)

03. Click on 'Sync' button and wait till operation completes.
04. Example leads with details for which issue has been reported.

05. Mobile App log for the same date of issue reported. (Help and Feedback>Report a Bug).
06. Credentials of Sales/Marketing user in order to reproduce the issue (if required).

Drop a mail to Mobile App development team with required screenshot after discussing it with your team lead or Mubeen.