• Once the user Verifies that they have added the CNAME records, login to Sendgrid tool.

GO to Settings -> Subuser Authentication -> Show More -> Search the Domain Name

  • Click on the Domain Name and click on Verify.

  • Go to Settings -> Subuser Management -> Click on Create Subuser
    • Give Username same as the domain name (Don’t use .com, .co.in etc.)
    • Provide email address in the format Username@leadsquared.com. Default password is used as password.

  • Scroll down and select the IP out the following choices:


  • Scroll Down and click on create Subuser.

  • We’ll be redirected to a different screen automatically after the above step. Make sure you are under Account Settings. Under Domain Authentication Click on Change Settings.

  • Select the CNAME record from the Select a Domain drop down list. Click on Save and logout of Sendgrid.

  • Login to Sendgrid using the Subuser name and Default password.

Go to Settings -> Mail Settings.

Click on Event Notifications -> Turn it ON.

In HTTP Post URL, provide the URL as per the cluster. (Cluster can be verified using Tenant Management)

Scroll down and Select Dropped, Bounced and MarkasSpam. Save the Event Notifications Settings

  • Go to Settings -> Tracking -> Turn OFF,  Click Tracking and Open Tracking     (Skip this Step as instructed by Sendgrod team to capture the Open & Click Tracking)

  •  Go to Settings -> API Keys -> Click on Create API Key.

  • Give API keyname as Subusername+key (Subuser is myworkforcego API Keyname will be myworkforcegokey).

Under API key permissions Select Restricted Access.

  • Scroll Down, Give Read Access for Email Activity and Full Access for Mail Send.

  • Scroll Down and click on Create and View.

  • Copy the API Key straight away as it is shown only for limited period of time due to security reasons. Click on Done

  • Go to Tenant Management. Open the user info and Go to Email Provider settings -> Click on Update Settings. Ensure the following points:

Email Service Provider is :  SendGrid API V3

In Access key put the Subusername (created in SendGrid)

In Secret Key put the Default Password

In Authorization Key put the API Key Generated by SendGrid.

Click on Save and Save.