LeadSquared Chrome/Gmail Connector  

LeadSquared CRM for Gmail is a Chrome extension which helps you track your Email and leads in LeadSquared.

Installation of LeadSquared CRM Gmail Connector

  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • Click on customization icon ( 3 parallel dots) < More Tools<Extension.
  • Search ‘LeadSquared CRM for Gmail’.
  • Click on add to Chrome.

  •  Click on Add Extension.
  •  If you are not logged in, system might ask you to sign-in to your gmail account.
  •  Once the extension is installed successfully, you will see a LeadSquared Icon beside URL bar.

Setup of LeadSquared CRM extension in Gmail

  •  You will require to put Access Key and Secret Key of your LeadSquared account to setup the connector.

Note: You can find your API Access keys under Settings<API and Webhooks option in your LeadSquared Dashboard. It is recommended that customer use Admin’s API keys since they have all required permission.

  • Customer will see following icons when you open a mail in Gmail. 
    Features of LeadSquared CRM Gmail Connector:
    •  LeadSquared Activity:
      LeadSquared activity allows customer to act as per the lead’s response. In case lead doesn’t exists in the system, it will be created in LSQ dashboard and an activity will be created.
  •   02. Add task:  Add Task allows you to schedule tasks like following:

    • Follow-up
    • Meeting
    • Phone Call
    • To Do

    • Note: A lead should have been added to your LeadSquared account to ‘Add Task’ for it.


      03. Change the Lead Stage:

      The LeadSquared CRM connector allows the user to change the Lead Stage without logging into the LeadSquared Dashboard.

      Issues/Important Points:
  • 01. Compose Mail:
    Scenario: When user try to compose a mail and keep Email addresses in ‘To’ and ‘CC’ field and find that not all the emails have been captured as Lead.
    Technician Resolution:
    Since LeadSquared has only one to tracking ability, only first Lead Email address in ‘To’ field will be captured.

    02. LeadSquared Extension not working:
    Scenario: User reported that the LeadSquared Chrome’ extension is not working.
    Technician Resolution:
    Check if user is using other similar kind of CRM connectors. If yes, suggest them to either use only LeadSquared connector or use it in Incognito mode of Chrome.

    03. Lead’s Email address:
    Scenario: Lead’s Email address is not captured correctly.
    Technician Resolution: Check if any special character has been used in the Email address, gmail connector’s script automatically trim the special characters however Customer can see them as it is in Dashboard.

    04. LeadSquared Gmail CRM connector features works only on e-mails under ‘Primary’ Inbox not on Social and Promotion folder.
     05. LeadSquared doesn’t store any logs of Gmail CRM connector. In case of error, basic UI debugging can be done via Console. (Cntrl+Shift+I >Console).