Facebook Retargeting


  • While configuring the Facebook account in the Facebook Retargeting App in LeadSquared, user is required to give a set of permissions. In case some of the permission is not given the App won’t work and user will get an error.
  • To Debug this case, we can Right Click on the Facebook Retargeting App page in LeadSquared -> Inspect -> Console. In the console we will get the error along with the URL that can be provided to the user and the permission can be given to get things running.
  • Due to the introduction of GDPR, separate permission needs to be given for creating Audience List. If the permission is not given user will get an error message.
  • Above mentioned, debugging steps can be used to get things running.

  • General Queries:

  • The Audience Size of each Audience List must be at least 1000 to use Facebook retargeting, this is a constraint from Facebook’s end and can’t be changed.
  • User might state that the Audience Size and the Leads pushed from LSQ is not same. This is because once the leads are pushed from LSQ only the leads that have a valid Facebook id associated with that lead are added to the Audience Size all others are omitted.

General Debugging Steps

In case of any unmentioned scenario, we can follow some general steps to see if the API are working properly at our end or not. To do this we can follow the steps below:

  • Right Click -> Inspect -> Network -> Clear (This is used to get a blank screen)

  • Perform the action that gave the error.
  • The API giving the error will be displayed in red text.

  • Click on the API name giving the error, Go to the Headers filed as shown in the screen below and scroll to the bottom to check the data that was passed. (Highlighted in the screen below)

  • Go to the Response tab and check the error message.
    • Once we get the error message and the API that is failing it needs to be discussed with the respective dev for further actions.

Lead Marketplaces

  • User must use the Access key and Secret Key to configure the Lead Marketplaces.
  • In Lead Marketplaces we have various connectors like Just Dial, 99Acres etc. When the user adds an account a dialog box appears with the field “Provider Instance Name”. This option is given to the user so that they can differentiate among different accounts with in the same connector. For example: If a user has 4 Just dial accounts he can configure all of them and give them Instance Name of his choice like JD1, JD2 and so on.

  • At times, user might get an error stating “API limit has been exhausted”. In such case we need to advice the user to upgrade the plan in LeadSquared.
  • Note: This error is shown due to the limited number of API calls allowed in the lower level plans. Once the number of API calls exceeds the limit the error is shown to the user.
  • When user tried to add Commonfloor connector, he gets a box to enter “ID” and “Key”.
  • This ID and Key is not same as the Commonfloor ID or Leadsquared key or ID. To get this key the user needs to contact the Commonfloor team and request the API ID and Key.
  • Similarly, in 99Acres user needs to contact 99acres to get API username and Password and IndiaMART user needs to contact the IndiaMART team to get the Mobile key.

  • To check which connector is not working in the Lead Marketplace we can follow the below steps:

  • For the ease of reading the displayed text in the window, we can copy the text and use a JSON validator. For example, Jsonlint.com.
  • Paste the copied text in the box on Jsonlint.com and click on Validate Json (highlighted in the image below). This will show the status of all the connectors, error if any, provider etc.


  • As of now, Zendesk app is not used by a lot of customers and we don’t have many issued reported related to this connector.