1. Take complete ownership of your cases/ tickets/ Intercom conversation with customers. 

2. Make sure the ticket updates are given on time as promised to customer - within SLA.

3. Attend all customer calls on time.

4. In-case the engineer is going on planned leave - make sure your bin is cleared and all necessary follow-ups are done (Applies same for a day or even 1 week PTO e.t.c)

5. Please drop an email to entire support team - with list of items to be handed off and the validation done so far.

6. Connect with Mubeen/ shift lead and plan to work on your tickets - you can be off queue for few hours to clear your backlog cases (ONCE APPROVED)

7. Don't assign tickets directly to anyone - without talking to Mubeen/ Shift Lead.

8. Utilize the hand-off sheet to place the tickets which needs attention. 

9. Connect with Mubeen/ Shift Lead - when you need to create a new ticket - if customer reports multiple issue or following up with a new issue on a very old ticket.

10. Make use of private note to avoid any confusion - ALL APPROVED TICKETS WILL HAVE NOTE FROM MUBEEN/ SHIFT LEAD.

11. Reassigning of tickets will only be done by Mubeen/ Shift Lead.

12. Child tickets if created after approval wont be assigned back to same engineer - who holds the original ticket if issue is entirely new one (would recommend those engineers to own all child tickets who is creating it - becomes easy to follow) 

13. With new desk phones in place now - make sure you set the CALL DIVERSION - in-case going for a leave. Connect with Mubeen/ Shift Lead.

14. Training requests from customer or success - Support can take up any technical session - but not training sessions which you need to spend hours with customer. Multiple factors has to be taken into account like (which customer, which plan, critical/ non-critical customer e.t.c). Always look forward to help clients, success team by jumping on call - if the session can be very much done with in 30 mins. Reach out to Mubeen/ Shift Lead for help, as needed.