1. No one will assign support tickets to any other departments (success, sales, marketing, dev) without discussing with Mubeen/ shift lead. Ownership lies within support - since we are the customer facing team. 

2. For exceptional cases - yes we will drop email to concerned department, get the details and update the customers via ticket + call as needed. Also CC - concerned Success & Sales engineers as needed on support tickets. 

3. Mostly we work with success - since we sit in the same floor, its easy to follow-up. Everything cant be kept on emails - we also concentrate on building good rapport with other LQ departments. In-case you don't get update on your queries from success, sales please reach out to Mubeen/ Shift Lead. 

4. Tickets getting dropped can be eliminated for all customer queries -  mainly product related questions.

5. Overdue count of tickets remains in control. Its a pain to close out huge number of tickets + reporting is on toss.

6. Since Freshdesk is managed and owned by support - along with client communication/ follow-ups with internal teams is also a important job responsibility for any support agent.

7. Lets remember that by default support is copied for every good and bad customer experience. So its important that we keep the ticket ownership within us. 

Reporting tickets will be assigned normally to Linda - in-case customer comes back with any follow-up or product related questions - Linda will reassign back the case to respective support engineer.

(Issues which are solely for Reports and worked/ fixed by Linda - remains in her bin)

Note - So far it has worked beautifully and we stand at total of 2 Overdue tickets @ 28th - Sep'18 :)