Definition - The On-hold status is similar to Pending, and used to indicate that you are waiting for information or action from someone other than the requester, for instance one of your supervisors or an internal developer

On-Hold Status :

1. Pending

2. Waiting on customer

3. In - Progress

4. Waiting for DEV response

Best Practices to manage On-Hold tickets:

> Follow up on your old cases at regular intervals with customers & internal LQ teams.

> Make sure you collect all information from customer quickly - which will help in proper investigation.

> With all specifics pass the details to engineering team if needed (check with mubeen/ team leads b4 dropping email to dev).

> Make sure you have separate emails for every follow-up with internal departments. We are also working to integrate JIRA tool with freshdesk soon.

> Offer screen-sharing sessions on complex queries from customers.

> For all old and pending items - do connect with mubeen/ team leads - so that we can work together to close such cases.

> Everyday check on your cases with status - Pending, Waiting on customer, In - Progress, Waiting for DEV response (start and end of shift). 

> Plan your leaves and make sure your cases are checked and hand-off email is send to entire team - so that your cases are updated in your absence by manager/ lead / your buddy.