Intercom is the platform which lets you see who your users and visitors are, and you can start having conversations with people personally through targeted content, behavior-driven email, in-app, and web messages.

  1. It is the intercom icon which shows up the number of open conversations. Clicking on this icon redirects to the active people list.
  2. In platform we have 4 options: People, Companies, Conversations, Start guide.
  3. The people gives you the list of users along with their attributes. Also it provides us with other lists of users like active, new etc.
  4. The companies gives the list of all our customers along with trail customers. Along with other lists like active, new etc.
  5. The conversations hold all the conversation chats held with the customers.
  6. The drop down provides us with the option of filtering and showing up the open chats or closed chats or snoozed.
  7. This button provides us with all the settings, terms and policies and also the log out option.

In case you want to see all the conversations done with a particular user, click on that user name and you will all the detalis about the user and also all the conversations done in past and along with the present open chat.

Replying to a customer:

To reply, select that particular conversation and click on reply(marked in blue box in below image).

Closing a conversation:

Go the particular conversation and click on the tick option(marked in red box in above image).

Reopening a conversation:

Go the closed conversations and click on the particular chat and click on the option mentioned at right most corner of chat(marked in red box).

How to create a ticket out of intercom chat:

Every chat conversation with the customer is also reflected in your outlook inbox. You can search out that particular chat and forward that to the support.


  • Click On the forward option.
  • In To: is If required add cc also.
  • Delete all the data present in the red colored boxes. Before doing so copy the email of the customer present at the end of the chat(refer the image;underlined in green dashed line) and replace it with the from mail id(underlined with blue line).
  • Then click on send. A ticket will be created in response.


  1. Whenever there is a delay in your response and the customer was asking for the response. Do reply briefly with valid reasons for being late and also with details of the entire resolution.
  2. When the customer is of trial plan and the amount of his/her queries are quite more then do create a ticket and loop in success owner for a training session as that customer might be having training issues.
  3. If the query is not resolved within a day or day and half, then create a ticket of it .
  4. If the query is not a general one and needs more investigation then create a ticket out of it.  


  1. Don't let the chat conversation with any customer go beyond two days.
  2. Don't leave the customers without first response.
  3. Don't delay more than an hour in giving response back. In case you think there might be delay, intimate the customer about it , requesting to give you some time. If possible mention the buffer time you need.


  1. Currently all the agents handling intercom are shown as live even if they are not online. This needs to be configured in a way where only the live agents are shown to customers.
  2. The chat pop should include a word stating that "For any emergency queries, kindly write to".
  3. The Chat should auto refresh or a tag should be present on the icon indicating that new and unread messages are present.