1. Once we receive a support ticket, make sure you have the below details. Else ask the required information in the first comment/ conversation with customer.

Tenant Name & Id -
Cluster Id -
Region Id -
Support Access taken - Yes/ No
Support/ Success able to reproduce the issue - Yes/ No
Issue Description -
Modules/ Sub Modules Impacted (LQ functionality) -
Screenshots with error available, if any - Yes/ No

Is the issue consistent or intermittent ? Seen at particular time like start or end of day etc ? 

2. Connect with Mubeen/ Shift Lead with above details.

3. Mubeen/ Shift Lead from support will approach Dev Ops via Skype Channel - Test +Tech & Team Support

4. Mubeen/ Shift Lead takes ownership of updating all support cases and understanding the issue 

5. Create a tag and mark all support cases for ex - date_issuetype_clustername (20181707_500error_cluster1) - if its a common issue with 1 cluster/ service.

6. After the issue is fixed below details should go into all support cases via summary - Mubeen/ Shift Leads responsibility (MAINLY FOR ALL OUTAGES)

Issue Start Time - Time when the first support ticket dropped in or time when Dev acknowledged the issue at our end.
Issue End Time - Issue got fixed.
Issue Description - 
Measures taken from LQ side, if any -

Note - If its a critical issue or impacting multiple clients along with Skype group drop an email with details to "devops_notify@leadsquared.com" (for ex: customers unable to create leads, login to LQ platform e.t.c)