This is with reference to a ticket raised by future50schools ( ORG ID- 15406 )


  • They are adding leads using quick add form with the entire name of the lead put into the first name field. 
  • They also use the email sync app.




Considering a lead is created with  first name being Matthew Ruffle.

Upon performing an email sent  activity the name auto updates to Matthew Ruffle Matthew.

What we understand is that the email sync app reads the last name of the lead from the email address and auto  populates the last name field which was blank in LSQ.




             This is a general functionality of the email sync app and in order to avoid this, 

  • Either fill the name in both first name and last name field.
  • Or update the last name to be a default value every time leads are created.

Though this thing shall be updated in the next release and the values shall not automatically get filled.