Requirement: It is observed that some of our customers like Knowledge Hut (Org ID: 5291) will be having frequent change in Users, so they do not de-activate old user and create a new user. Instead, they rename the existing user by changing name and email address.

This is not recommended and it will create confusion.

Issue: There is no clarity in the old activities or notes etc done by old user and new user.

Eg: When old user writes a note to lead saying "A quotation is given for ₹. 8000" but in reality it shows that the new user wrote that note.


There is no solution for this. We have to tell customer that they have to use standard method which is to deactivate old user and create new user.

If the customer is not comfortable in that, then you may suggest this help- 

To create a custom activity for user renaming and post that activity to leads before renaming the user.

Eg: Create a custom activity called "User renamed". In the notes of the activity they can add the names of the users also, and post that activity to leads.

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