A customer enquired with us providing this use-case:

Here is a basic scenario for reference:
1. A potential customer sees their search ad on Google when browsing on a cellphone.
2. He/She does not click the headline (it would take them to the landing page) but rather the call extension. The call extension has two parts to it: a) The Call Button b) The Missed Call Button.
3. The potential customer now clicks on "The Call Button" and calls them.
4. This call, however, enters LS as an Inbound Call.

The Problem:
1. This becomes a CPC spend that reflects on AdWords as a conversion but not on LS.
2. The efficiency of the campaign differs from AdWords to LS.

The Query:
1. Is there a way to ensure that LS picks up a call made from the AdWords call extensions as the same and not as an Inbound Call? (Essentially, lead source = AdWords)

Note: For starters, it can be assumed that they are using LS landing pages.


1.They can have a separate virtual number for Adwords and then they will be able to trace the call via Exotel and LS ,the number of calls made to that virtual number, etc.

2. They can write a custom JS code for a Web event which will track the required actions done on their website.