LeadSquared has the ability to log all the data posts from various telephony services as Telephony Logs.

This feature is available in Settings > API and WebHooks > Telephony Logs.


So whenever data is posted it will be logged as either Success or Failure.

One could verify if there are any Failures to see the cause of the issue.

In case of No Logs found it would only imply that no data was posted from Telephony Service integrated.

However - Please note We do not log the data posted for Agent Popups in case of SR V2.


SuperReceptionist Data Posts specifically -Agent Popup would not be captured in Telephony Logs.

So - in this case one could use the below URL to check real time data posted.


Debugging issues with Call Activities posted by telephony services:

– in order to check whether Knowlarity is actually posting the data or not we can the data posted live using the below URL.

https://konnect.knowlarity.com:8100/update-stream/5ed77ec9-3aa0-11e5-bbe8-067cf20e9301/konnect - just replace the Knowlarity id between stream/ & /Konnect

“-stream/<Super Receptionist API key>/connect”

  • When a call is made data posted for Call Initiate, Agent Call Notification, Hangup Event and Finally Call log data with CDR-event can be checked live.

Note: The Event Type - ORIGINATE has to be verified to be posted when call is initiated. Originate event type is mandatory for showing Agent Popup.

Thank you.