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There are certain Mandatory parameters to be posted when Call Log API is invoked as part of Generic Telephony.

In case you notice issue stating all the calls are getting captured as Missed Calls, it could very much be due to incorrect Status passed.

If Status value is passed anything other than Missed or Answered or Voicemail - the call activity gets logged as Missed call.

Here is a sample data posted by MTracker Team for client Univariety.

"SourceNumber": "809XXX3518",
"DestinationNumber": "733735XXX3",
"DisplayNumber": "9990001234",
"StartTime": "2018-03-26 14:45:01",
"EndTime": "2018-03-26 14:45:01",
"CallDuration": "1",
"Status": "Outbound",
"ResourceURL": "https:\/\/mcube.vmc.in\/sounds\/",
"CallSessionId": "80975335181522055777",
"Direction": "Outbound"


Hope this helps.

Thank you.