This is with reference to ticket #92965 - Homzinterio

Problem statement:

Customer uses Facebook lead ads and has forms which are meant for different cities.

The forms mention the city name in the title and have no lead field which captures this value.

The requirement was to distribute leads as per city despite of it not being stored in any field.

Suggestion to add a lead field was not acceptable by the customer and their plan did not support automation or webhooks.

Proposed solution:

In the mapping page of the Facebook lead ads there is one page which stores the source.

This was saved as 'Facebook' for them and as this field is not visible to the customer who fills the form, we asked to customize the value in this field  to be as 'Facebook-(cityname)'

Upon doing this, the lead distribution app could be used to set a rule as source='Facebook-(cityname)'

Thus now leads can be distributed based upon the city to different users though it is not stored in the city field directly.

Please note: to implement the app, webhook needs to be enabled in such circumstances by the account manager.