Issue: A customer reported that their Magic bricks dashboard has almost 250 leads and LeadSquared has captured only 2 leads. This incident happened on a particular date, before which the lead capture process was working fine.

Cause: In this particular tenant's account, all 3 fields- Email ID, Phone and Mobile number were marked as unique. So as per the code for pushing leads from 3rd party apps (like Magicbricks, 99acres, sulekha, etc) to Leadsquared, if a lead having the same lead data ( either the same Email ID or phone or mobile no) as a pre-existing lead in Leadsquared, re-enquires, there is an exception thrown by the code due to the uniqueness of all the 3 fields. 

Note: In this unique scenario, upon checking the logs we found out that consecutively 5-6 such exceptions got thrown which is why their connector was deactivated. Hence, all the succeeding lead enquiries/submissions also failed to get captured in Leadsquared. 

Resolution: Removing the uniqueness of one field( keeping a maximum of 2 fields as unique ) AND Reconfiguring the  Lead Marketplace App will help capture leads again.