A customer who has integrated cloud telephony service with leadSquared would be tracking Inbound/outbound phone call activities against the lead in leadSquared. In some cases or for some users or for some customers, though telephony activities are logged and call recording is captured against the lead in leadsquared, trying to play the call recording, the recording may not play or clicking on play button nothing happens.

Reason: The cause of the issue is because 

  • At customer network firewall call recording URL may be blocked.
  • Telephony provider would have posted the call recording in a different format. (FYI- LeadSquared accepts the call recording or you'll be able to play the recording when recording is posted in Mp4 format)
  •  Call recording URL would have expired or de-activated. FYI- some telephony service like Mcube they store the call recording URL only for 30 to 60 days. If you are trying to play the recording beyond the time, you may not be able to play/access the recording.

Solution/ Workaround: 

  • Check with your network admin whether call recording URL is blocked in office network or not.
  • Contact your telephony provider and get to know the call recording format that is posted to leadSqaured.
  • Contact your telephony provider to know for how many days call recording can be accessed.