Scenario: One of our customer regularly conducts the webinar for there participants and targeted leads. In Webinar,  there are two types of webinar can be scheduled.

1) Classic webinar - It means, the webinar is scheduled for a future date and Live webinar

2) Simulated webinar - It means, the recording of the webinar is played during scheduled date and time.

Currently, in leadSquared its possible to sync the registration and attendees for the Classic webinar in leadSquared. However, it's not possible to sync the Simulated webinar attendees.

Note: One can capture the registration into leadSquared for the Simulated webinar, but only it's not possible to sync the Simulated webinar attendees. 

Workaround: One can export the Simulated webinar attendance data from Goto webinar account and import the data in leadSquared under Manage Activities. So that one can track the list of user who attended the Simulated webinar.