Issue:  Lead got created on the system on 20th of February. However, the created on time was showing as 13th of January.

Reason: When a lead visits one of the landing pages which have the tracking script installed, their activities (including date and time) are stored in their browser cookie.
In this case, the lead visited the landing page first on 13th January but did not fill any form. All this information including the time spent on the pages were captured and stored in his browser cookie. Since he did not fill the form, his information was not captured and no lead was created in the Leadsquared system.

He again visited the page & filled up the form for the first time on 20th Feb As his activities (page visits) are stored in the browser cookie, when the lead got created it captured the created on time as the time & date at which he visited their site for the first time. 

Resolution: In order to know the exact conversion date, you can see the 'Lead conversion date' instead of 'Created on' date.