LSQ Generic telephony connector integration allows call log posted as an activity to the corresponding lead. 

This manual API configuration consists of various parameters to be passed, one of which being start/end time.

It is important to note here that Leadsquared follows data to be logged in accordance to GMT/UTC time zone. 

Thus many a times the time of actual call activity does not match the time that is recorded in the call log.

This causes discrepancy in the time.

In order to obtain the time in IST format, the API script can be edited and the required time difference can be added in order to obtain the time in the call log same as the actual time.


According to call logs, start time is 6:30 PM. Yet the actual start time of the call is 1:00 PM. 

 "StartTime": "2017-07-07 18:30:00",

Thus to obtain the log in IST time zone format the script needs to be modified to reduce 5 hrs 30 mins.

Article with reference to ticket #90467. 


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