What is CNAME Records?

A Canonical Name record (CNAME Record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) used to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain

In Leadsquared CNAME Records are added in DNS for the below mentioned settings;

1-Landing Page
2-Email Link Domain Settings
3-DKIM/SPF Settings

**-Landing Page**

Landing page domain settings will help you to host the landing pages on your domain name[* Sub-domain name]

By default all the landing pages will be hosted through leadsquared domain "viewpage.co". But all the customer want their company domain should be shown for the landing page. For this purpose we will add a Subdomain first in leadsquared, for example if my company domain name is "sachin.com" and we can create a subdomain (pages.sachin.com). 

We will then add a CNAME Record "pages" which will point to "cloud.viewpage.co" in the DNS.

**Email Link Domain**

Email link domain settings will help to get better email link click tracking along with website visits.

When you send emails to your prospects with links to web pages, leadsquared encode them(By placing tiny pixel in all the emails which is invisible) so we can track who clicked on your emails. After prospects click on the links if they visit your website or landing pages, leadsquared track their visits on your web pages and post the activity. To ensure leadquared are able to track, we recommend to add a CNAME setting in DNS server which is mentioned below:

"click.yourdomain.com" pointing to "e.gtolink.in"

Please note that the Data to which the CNAME Record points to differs for each account.
"e-in21.gtolink.in"(India) "e-us11.gtolink.in" (US).

**DKIM/SPF**  (DKIM- Domain Keys Identified Mails)/(SPF- Sender Policy Framework)

DKIM and SPF settings are done in order to digitally sign your emails and to prevent the emails ending up in SPAM Folder.

By default all the emails send from Leadsquared will be gone through our domain name (leadsquared.com) and in order to send the email through customer's domain we will add the following CNAME Records in the DNS.

Type  Host  Data 
CNAME  em. mydomain.com   u284005.wl006.sendgrid.net 
CNAME  s1._domainkey.mydomain.com   s1.domainkey.u284005.wl006.sendgrid.net 
CNAME  s2._domainkey.mydomain.com    s2.domainkey.u284005.wl006.sendgrid.net 

Please check the below CNAME  Records settings done in the Cpanel of the DNS for a customer.

Type Host Data
CNAME email.deltin.com u284005.wl.sendgrid.net
CNAME s1._domainkey.deltin.com s1.domainkey.u284005.wl.sendgrid.net
CNAME s2._domainkey.deltin.com s2.domainkey.u284005.wl.sendgrid.net