What is tracking script?

Tracking script is used to track the web page visits of lead.

How does tracking script work?

For each and every account, the tracking script is the same, except the PID Tracker ( Eg:(pidTracker('24778')) which is simply our account number or Organisation ID.
So whenever a tracking script is loaded in the website, pidTracker function will be called where it will check for the registered domains within the same LSQ account; If the domain name is same; then it will start tracking.

Why is Tracking script is used?

Tracking script is mainly used to track/capture the following lead information:

: Different page visits in website by the leads

: Capture Lead Source

: Conversion Url of the lead

: Source Referral URL

: How much time spend on a website page 

: Capture IP address

Tracking Script for Secured Site/ Non-Secured Site

We need to select different tracking script for tracking on a secured site and a non-secured site.

Please check the below screenshot where you can select the same.