Integration with LeadSquared and Magicbrick.

We have a connector for magic brick under APPS-> LEAD MARKETPLACE

Once the customer subscribes to magicbrick, the magicbrick team will provide them a key that is specific to their account to integrate with LeadSquared APP.

The key look like this: b8Rq7SBpOq4~~~~~~3D


We need to add the KEY provided by MagicBrick in our Leadsquared connector 


we need to map MagicBrick fields respective to LSQ fields to complete the configuration of this connector.

How it works:

Now that the connector is configured, It would automatically run the cron job every 30mins to collect the lead data that is available in Magicbrick server.

when it is found that there are some leads it will push it to Leadsquared (via the key/URL) 

Format in which Magicbrick Sends data to LeadSquared:

Magic brick sends us the lead data in the XML format.

Below is an example url that we hit everytime the cron job runs.

In the above example, we can see 

1.  start date and end date

2. start time and end time

Magic brick sends us data datewise and as leadsquared connector is scheduled to automatically run the cron job every 30 min we see the time stamp(start time and end time) added to the URL

Troubleshooting steps to follow when a user sends a tickets that the leads are not getting captured.

1: Verify if the connector is installed properly with correct key and field mapping.

2: The connector accepts only the key. Sometimes customer pastes the complete URL in the key field of the MagicBrick connector. You will have to guide the customer to remove the URL and place only the key.(PFA below)

3: To verify if the MagicBrick key configured in the connector is correct - You will have to ask the customer to reach out to the MagicBrick team asking them to share the URL on which they are pushing the lead data. Verify the key in the URL to the key that is used to configure the connector.