Use Case Description 

Let's say a Company has Multiple LeadSquared Accounts (Old & New) which are hosted in Singapore and Mumbai/US regions.

To Achieve Multi-Region Tracking, these slight changes have to be made to the Existing Tracking Script.

Clients will have to add an Additional  Attribute to each script tag i.e. “data-lsqoc” with value as “org-code”. 

This tells us which script tag belongs to which organization, based on which, we decide which tracking domain to pick for tracking.

The following image shows the sample script tags for 8066 (SGP) and 23943 (MUM) tenants.

Note: This needs to be done from the customer's end.

*************** Well here is what happens********************

Once the above changes are done, on every page load you will see ‘n’ number of requests to WebTracker.aspx, where ‘n’ is number of tracking scripts added to the page. 

You will also see region specific domains in use for tracking.

In the following image you can see, for 8066 (SGP) tenant, domain is used. Whereas for 23943 (MUM) tenant, domain is used.

Similarly For US Region account - The domain will be

A few more details:

As shown in the following image, you can also get the org-domain mapping from your browser’s console window.

Just execute the following line of code in your browser’s console for the same:



As of now we need to add as many Scripts as there are Accounts. i.e say there are 4 accounts so 4 scripts have to be added.

In future we may have a way to add just org IDs in comma separated values in case of accounts pertaining to one specific Region.

That is all. 

Cheers :)