Leads are not generated from Facebook. 

Troubleshhoting Steps:

In order to test the same from our end, Facebook has a tool named "Lead Ads RTU Debug Tool" to make sure API or CRM integration is set up correctly and receiving data.

You can create a test lead to confirm whether the integration is set up to receive data correctly.

Please click on the Link to access the "Lead Ads RTU Debug Tool", here you can see the customer's Facebook pages and Forms.

You can create a Lead and check if the same lead is generated in Leadsquared or not. Please check the below screenshots for your reference

After creating the Lead, you will get a success message stating " Your Test Lead has been Sent". Please check the screenshot for your reference

After getting the success message you should login into Leadsquared account and check if the lead is generated, if not we should continue with the troubleshooting steps like re-configuring Facebook connector etc.

Please note that with this tool, we can also check whether any third party applications are connected to this particular page or not  by checking   "WEBHOOK SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE SELECTED PAGE".