Initially, when LeadSquared & Salesforce was integrated, customer would have noticed lead details were syncing in both the application. However, after some time if a customer tells that lead details is not syncing OR there is an inconsistency in Syncing the data from leadSquared to Salesforce. Please check the below list of points to figure out the reason why lead/ contact details didn't sync into Salesforce. 


  • Ask for 2 to 3 exact lead/contact details which didn't sync into Salesforce app.
  • Please get to know which version of Salesforce connector was used to integrate SF and leadSquared application. 

         Just for your information, the current version of SF connector is 1.15 and you can find the SF connector details by navigating to the following path in Salesforce account Setup > Administer > Build > Develop > Installed packages.   

  • Check by any chance Salesforce connector is Uninstalled/was uninstalled and re-installed in the customer account.

         If the connector was uninstalled and re-installed, please check if the integration is done as illustrated in the help article.

  • Get to know based on what condition lead/ Contact details are supposed to sync into SF account.

  • Using example lead/ contact details re-check if lead/ contact details is visible or not in SF account.

If lead/contact details is not found in Salesforce account. You can get to know the reason why lead/contact details did not sync into SF in two ways.


1) From leadSquared, get to know the Lead ID of the lead which didn't sync into SF. Having done that, search for lead with the desired ID.  OR

2) Click on Audit logs where you can see the Sync Status of lead/ contact details in SF account.